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At New Era Construction we specialize multifamily and mixed–use construction throughout Southwest Florida. We are fueled by a desire to collaborate with our clients, building long–term relationships that will ensure their projects are successful. Innovation and best–in–class are not just marketing terms we use, they are central to how we approach each project.

We understand land development and how to integrate seamlessly into the different processes and disciplines involved in the successful execution of intricate multifamily and mixed–use developments. We want to partner with you, hear your ideas, and be an integral part of bringing those ideas to life. Our process begins in the Project Planning phase. Early involvement produces the best results for our clients. Projects run smoother, go up faster and stay within established budgets. By involving our team before construction begins, we can collaborate with you and your architect to identify potential challenges and put processes in place to avoid those challenges before they become costly construction changes. Our approach is effective in each of our projects making profits for the owners and investors.

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